Roster Manager at Mediate B.C.

I’m excited to announce that I’ve recently been appointed Roster Manager for the Civil and Family Rosters of Mediate B.C. In addition to mediating and managing Quantum, as Roster Manager I will oversee all aspects of Roster membership, liase with law groups, corporations and legal interest groups to raise awareness of and proficiency with mediation, and respond to public inquiries regarding mediators and mediation generally.

These are exciting times. Call me a mediation geek, but I get all worked up and passionate about mediation as another way of resolving our issues (I can actually visualize my kids exchanging concerned looks and trying not to roll their eyes…).

At Quantum I get to mediate – actually get in there and get my hands dirty, helping people talk to each in productive ways, and settling stuff that has caused angst for too long.  At Mediate B.C. I get to help spread the word. I get to talk to people about this tool that allows them to get things accomplished, helps them communicate better, saves them money, all without giving up the traditional litigation methods. I get to chat with new mediators, and help train aspiring ones. Between the two gigs, it’s going to be all mediation, all the time. I can’t wait.

 These are exciting times.

Posted on July 21st, 2011 by Renee